A quiet twitter client

Download for Macintosh Download for Windows


I think Twitter is very good as an information gathering tool. Especially technical information is fastest and easy to grab via Twitter. I wanna use Twitter but feel a little bad about browsing it lordly during working time.
So I created a simple and quiet twitter client. This is a text based tool and doesn't have images on the timeline.

How to Download

Worc is published on GitHub.
Mac or Windows users can download from the top link of this page.
After downloading it, you need to open it from right click because this application is unsigned.

  • Home Timeline
    You can see your home timeline on streaming. This timeline is a collection of the most recent tweets and retweets posted by you and the users you follow.
  • Mentions Timeline
    You can see your mentions timeline. It includes most recent mentions for you.
  • Lists Timeline
    You can see your lists timeline on streaming. It includes tweets authored by members of the specified list. Retweets are also included.


If you find some bugs or proposals, please register them to the GitHub.